• 19.09. - 22.09.2024
  • Airfield Mahlwinkel
  • 2 Game parties
  • Participation from 18 years old
  • Camping site
  • Catering offers
  • Dixi Toilets & Washing Stations

What characterizes the Light Sim?

Test your endurance!

Are you still able to perform at the 36th hour?

Focus on the "force-on-force" aspect.

This event does not contain a classic LARP. It is about playing tactical airsoft.

New gameplay mechanics.

Are you still able to perform at the 36th hour?

The night stays dark.

No disturbing light sources. NVG users get their full advantage

Outposts are not Safe Zones.

VP can be played and must be defended. Only Headquarters represents Safe/OFF Zone.

Sleeping on the field allowed.

Only small shelter, bivy sack and tarp or similar. No tents, no hammocks, no bushcraft!

Uncharted territory.

Until now, unused areas of the terrain are part of our playing field.

Crash courses on the arrival day.

We teach you fast and practical basic knowledge in the tactical airsoft game.

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