OP Tschernobyl

11 years OP Tschernobyl.

  • 03.10. - 06.10.2024
  • Airfield Mahlwinkel
  • 5 playing parties
  • Participation from 18 years
  • Camping at the HQ
  • Dixi toilets and washing stations

The zone awaits you...

Five playable parties

Choose your side and survive the zone!

Two days of role-playing, story and action...

What is OP Tschernobyl?

Experience a captivating and unique world created by a completely new scenario with a special focus on role-playing. On OP Tschernobyl you will experience an unforgettable airsoft live-action role-playing game where you slip into the skin of your characters and experience a gripping story.

The scenario is set in an alternate reality, inspired by the events surrounding the infamous Chernobyl nuclear power plant. A fictional timeline has steered the story in a dark and mysterious direction. As a participant, you are part of different game parties that have to work with or against each other to achieve their respective goals.

Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Gather your equipment, memorize your role and prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey. Experience airsoft and LARP in a whole new way!

Don't miss out on this unique event where you become part of an epic story. Register now and secure your place at OP Tschernobyl!