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Red bandana - Perfect for team marking on the Mission 24H, or OP Tschernobyl


Mark your team affiliation with our red bandana, suitable for the LARP events "OP Tschernobyl" (Bandits) and "Mission 24H" (Team Honra 44).

Versatile usage options:

The bandana can be worn around the arm, as a scarf or around the head. It gives your bandit or Honra outfit that decisive touch and symbolizes your role in the team at LARP events.

Mandatory team marking:

At the events "OP Tschernobyl" for the Bandits and "Mission 24H" for Team Honra 44, wearing this red bandana as a team marker is mandatory. It not only contributes to the uniformity of the team, but also allows you to clearly identify your role in the game. You can also use a similar bandana from another manufacturer at the event, as long as you have one with you!

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